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One of El Caldito’s outstanding strengths is the ability to function smoothly and reliably through the exclusive utilization of its dedicated corps of volunteers. It is estimated that there are 150 core and 150 occasional volunteers, some of whom work in the kitchen and others who “glean” (gather food donated by the community and transport it to the soup kitchen).

Volunteers are recruited by word-of-mouth, through R.S.V.P., and by internet and local newspapers listings. There are wide daily fluctuations in the number of volunteers, depending on the local school calendars, the number of persons assigned by the courts to do community service, the number of students who perform community service as part of course work, the season, various church projects, etc.

New volunteers are given on-site orientation to kitchen procedures by experienced workers. There is no formal training program. Volunteers are expected to “sign in and out” to indicate the number of hours worked each day.

A different group of volunteer workers staffs the soup kitchen every day of the week. Some individuals work weekly but others as infrequently as once in 3 months. The Kitchen Manager plays a crucial role in maintaining food-handling standards, use of available supplies, and consistency of food service to clients.

Persons wishing to volunteer time at El Caldito  must email the volunteer coordinator at Please provide your full name, phone number where you can be reached, an emergency contact person’s name and their phone number.  State what days you would be available to work.  You will be contacted in a timely fashion.

A picnic is held annually by the Board in September to recognize and honor volunteers, friends, and fans.

Volunteer Requirements

Age of Volunteers:  Volunteers under the age of 15 years cannot work in the kitchen.  Younger volunteers with a responsible adult at their immediate side may perform non-cooking and non-food tasks only.

Attire:  Kitchen volunteers wear clean clothes and closed-toe shoes.  Shoulders and midriff are covered and pants or jeans are worn around the waist.  Longer shorts are acceptable.

Hair is covered, using a hairnet, baseball cap, bandana, or other head covering, and long hair is tied back.

An apron is worn in the kitchen and disposable gloves are worn when handling food.  Gloves are changed between tasks.

Routine:  The kitchen manager or an experienced volunteer will give a brief orientation to the kitchen, pointing out where to find things.

Volunteers sign “in and out” in the book provided to indicate the number of hours worked each day.

HANDS are to be WASHED often and before beginning each new task.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within 50 feet of El Caldito.

 Use or possession of alcohol or illegal (street) drugs is forbidden. 

 Sexual harassment in any form is not tolerated and anyone engaging in such activity will be permanently expelled from the Soup Kitchen. 

  Thank you for your time!

To Volunteer Call  575-3831

For Court Appointed  Volunteering Call 575 525-3831




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