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Second Tuesday Team

March 25, 2015
Roxann and Dale the LEADERS!

Roxann and Dale the LEADERS!


Today we hear from Roxann Petzold sharing her thoughts about the 2nd Tuesday Team.

“Sonoma Springs Covenant Church has been serving at El Caldito Soup Kitchen for more than 15 years on the second Tuesday of each month. We were Northminster Presbyterian Church then Sonoma Springs Presbyterian Church and are now a member church with the Evangelical Covenant Churches. Our Ministries have been to serve those in need of support and we do this by partnering with two of the schools in Las Cruces – Mesa Middle School and Columbia Elementary. We are a group with a great sense of humor and hopefully we share the joy we feel in serving with the many clients who break bread at El Caldito.”


Lots of FRESH FOOD was on the menu.

Lots of FRESH FOOD was on the menu.

 FRESH PRODUCE donated, certainly helps us to prepare HEALTHY meals!!!

2nd Tuesday Preparing Veggies

Melanie gets greens ready to cook.



2nd Thurs Linda and Mary Loupeeling potatoes

Linda and Mary Lou work on preparing potatoes.



Ron checking out the vegetables.

Ron making sure the food is ready to cook.


Hot stuff!!!

Hot stuff!!!


Jo- Ann washes the veggies.

Jo- Ann washes the veggies.

This team works well together.  They have  provided a healthy meal today.

The team offer home made bread pudding today.  Wish i was there to enjoy it.

The team bakes  home-made bread pudding today. Wish I was there to enjoy it.

THANK YOU for all you have done for us at EL Caldito Soup Kitchen.


First Thursday Team

March 21, 2015

Each day of the week El Caldito has teams of people who come in to volunteer.   Today, I would like to introduce you to the First Thursday team with Doug Lorenz as their Crew Chief.


First Thursday Team

First Thursday Team


L-R:  Ken Nobis, Joanne Lenahan, Ruth Staffeldt, Don Bloom, John Guenther, Phyllis Steinhaus, Jerry Stickles, Joyce Dodge, Doug Lorenz, Beverly Scaling and Alma Lorenz.

 Other team members that serve with us frequently:
Jim Bonse, Tim Rolf, Raul Perez, Scott Staffeldt, Robert Scaling, Al &Connie Siffring,


Our team volunteers on the first Thursday of every month.  We are from Mission Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) and School, at 2752 Roadrunner  Pkwy, Las Cruces, NM.  Some of our team have been there over 10 years.  All of us really enjoy volunteering at El Caldito.  We have two shifts; the first shift prepares the food and the second shift serves it.  Some folks enjoy doing both shifts.

We believe in following in Christ’s footsteps by ministering or serving those who are in need.
In the Bible, Matthew 25:40 says, “And the King answering shall say to them, Verily I say to you, Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of my brethren, ye have done it to me…”

We hope our efforts to serve those at El Caldito are fulfilling at least one of those needs for them.   May God Bless El Caldito and all those who serve and eat there and all those who donate items to them.




First Thurs Doug and Raul

Doug and Raul


Alma is working hard.

Alma and another team-mate stop for a photo.


Cleaning the slicer.

Cleaning the slicer.


Doug and Jim

Doug and Jim

El Caldito Board of Directors is grateful to all our volunteers and to our crew chiefs who are the leaders of the teams.  Our volunteers are the back bone of our non-profit and without them our agency wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do.  








March 19, 2015

Sodexo Poster


The El Caldito Board of Directors would like to invite FAMILIES to attend this dinner in our dining room  this Saturday,  It is a time to gather and enjoy each others company.  Kids will be entertained and take home GOODIE BAGS, will be provided.  Please support   Sodexo and El Caldito hope to make this an annual event.

International Student Ambassador Club from New Mexico State University

March 7, 2015
L-R:  Adrianna Harrison, Sally Goenga, Brianna Haro, Arik Ruiz, Ada Ciuca, and Kelsey Bigelow

L-R: Adrianna Harrison, Sally Goenga, (President) Brianna Haro, Arik Ruiz, Ada Ciuca, and Kelsey Bigelow

The New Mexico State University International Student Ambassador Club gives NMSU students a chance to make friends from all over the world and gain global perspective without even leaving Las Cruces, NM.  As an ambassador, we are matched with an international exchange student studying abroad for a semester or a year at NMSU.  We also throw fundraisers, to raise money for care packages for the students as well as getting involved with the community.  NMSU Ambassador Club is a rewarding way to get involved at NMSU, practice a second language, and make friends from all over the globe!


El Caldito Soup Kitchen had the pleasure of having these students volunteer for us on Saturday, February 28th. We are grateful for the support and the help we receive from many student organizations from New Mexico State University. 

Breaking down turkeys , needed to be done.

Breaking down turkeys , was needed to be done.


Everyone worked hard on this task.

Everyone worked hard on this task.


Abroad Ambassadors chicken gal with hat

The 2nd bowl was full and ready.




Our Saturday clients had hard boiled eggs as part of their lunch.

Our Saturday clients had hard-boiled eggs as part of their lunch.


These student volunteers came with smiles and were always willing to do what was asked of them.  I especially enjoyed working with them on my Saturday.  THANK YOU!!!

Thank You Air Force Officers !!!!

March 3, 2015

On February 27th, we were joined by some very hard-working Air Force Officers and one civilian.  Our Friday team was happy to have them help us prepare the meal and to serve our clients.

L-R  James Greener, Capt Russ Smith, Capt Dave Anderson, Capt Chase Thornton,  Capt Ian Precourt, Capt Linea Greener, Lt Col Jeff Crider and Capt Keith Derr

L-R James Greener, Capt Russ Smith, Capt Dave Anderson, Capt Chase Thornton, Capt Ian Precourt, Capt Linea Greener, Lt Col Jeff Crider and Capt Keith Derr

The mission of the Aerospace Defense Facility Southwest is to support worldwide defense operations and multi-agency collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination of intelligence information.  We do this by operating satellites that gather information from around the globe, and we then send this information to key US decision makers and senior leaders.


Preparing the chicken.

Preparing the chicken.


Making a Sweet Potaot and Banana Dessert.

Making a Sweet Potato and Banana Dessert.


Mixing the alfredo sauce with the pasta.

Mixing the Alfredo sauce with the pasta.


Hard at work.

Hard at work.


Lt Col Crider is on soup detail.

Lt Col Crider is on soup detail.


Getting ready to open our doors.

Getting ready to open our doors.





Meryl gives the dining room instructions.

Meryl gives the dining room instructions.


Ian makes sure his area was cleaned up. Thank You!!!

Ian makes sure his area was cleaned up. Thank You!!!


Gabe always enjoys it when the military come.

Gabe always enjoys it when the military comes.

We want to say THANK YOU! You all did an AWESOME JOB!!!  Please come back again.


Thank You Las Cruces Home Builders Association

February 24, 2015
MaxMax Bower, Gabe Anaya, Gabe Chavez and Kimball Hakes

L-R  Max Bower, Gabe Anaya, Gabe Chavez and Kimball Hakes

February 12th 2015 was a great day for 13 non-profits in Las Cruces,  El Caldito Soup Kitchen being one of them. The Board of Directors of El Caldito Soup Kitchen would like to  THANK the Las Cruces Home Builders Association for awarding us $5,000 to be used on improvements and kitchen needs. Special thanks to outgoing president, Kimball Hakes,  for coming up with the idea to build and sell a house using the profits to donate back to the community.  This being the Las Cruces Home Builders Association’s 55th year, they named the house the 55th Anniversary House. It was hoped that they would have profits totaling $55, 000.  However, this organization was able to realize $64,000 to DONATE!!!

Builders logo

Mission Statement
Chartered in 1959, the Las Cruces Home Builders Association is comprised of members of the building industry and its affiliates. As the voice of the building industry, we serve our members and the community by:
• Promoting balanced economic development;
• Providing education; and
• Promoting professionalism
The Las Cruces Home Builders Association remains committed to improving our community’s quality of life.

About 250 people attended the luncheon where 13 non-profits were honored with awards.   The campus of the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope were pleased to have 4 individual agencies honored.

Please enjoy our photos.

Casa Peregrinos

Casa de Peregrinos

Builders Community of Hope

Mesilla Community of Hope

Builders Jardin de Los Ninos

Jardin de Los Ninos

Gabe with large group

Gabe Chavez being recognized with some of the other recipients.

Builders Nicole and Lorenzo

Can you tell they were excited!!!!

Again KUDOS, to the Las Cruces Home Builders Association, for  a job well done.

Welcome our new Food Service Manager…Martin Nanna

February 7, 2015


 Our new Food Services  Manager…Martin Nanna


Working with a SMILE!!!

Working with a SMILE!!!


Martin began his new job just before Christmas jumping in with both feet.  He has been working hard ever since and we on the board appreciate all he has done for us.


Martin and Friday Team 006Martin tells his story…

I was born and raised in the rural farming community of Scotts Valley near Santa Cruz, California.  I am  a graduate of Cabrillo Community College and hold five certifications from the California Department of Water Resources through California State University at Sacramento. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1989 where I held employment with municipalities as a Public Works and Wastewater Treatment Director. Thereafter, I began my next career in non-profit organizational management with the St. Mary’s Westside Food Bank as Director of the State Program for Seniors. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Administration and I am an MBA graduate candidate at Post University. After spending some ten years developing and guiding food banks in Phoenix, I transitioned into the retail grocery industry, which ultimately brought me to Las Cruces..
Managing people and processes are among my principal skill sets. From preparing food as a baker to a cook or a deli guy, I enjoy creating and preparing healthful and hearty meals for the needy. I have championed efforts involving advocating for seniors, the homeless, and single mothers as an unregistered lobbyist of these paramount causes.
This is a snapshot of my story. I believe everybody has a story, one just has to listen. Here at El Caldito stories abound and so does the heart of this organization, the story of feeding people.


Teresa and Martin

Teresa and Martin


Martin pitches in helping with any job, even emptying the trash..

He and his wife of 15 years Anita Martinez live in Mesilla, New Mexico with their youngest child Aria, who attends Zia Middle School. Collectively with Anita, a paralegal and tax preparer, he has six children and three grandchildren. In his free time Martin enjoys tending to his organic garden, reading, listening to opera and spending time with his family and pets. 

We look forward to meeting his family and getting to know them too.


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